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The Art of Everything 

Saija Butter's is a self taught artist living in Gray Court Owings. She has spent many years honing in on her love for art. From acrylic painting, sketching, watercolor, facepainting, murals and more discovering her self expression and figuring out that one box isn't enough to be placed into. Her passion for art is just the beginning, she also loves to teach others how to create their visions. Her moto is "I aspire to inspire before I expire". Saija is proof that art isn't just one medium.  

Brianna Johnson is a six time Amazon best selling author. She has worked hard to preserve her love for reading and writing. Over the years she has found new adventures such as, publishing for other authors, writing classes, and even teaching self-publishing classes. Brianna has a passion for helping other authors through the struggle of getting their books out into the world. 


Saija and Brianna began their journey in the artistic world many years ago. They now say their destiny was to be best friends but lets face it, that wasn't always the case. They met through Brianna's children but remember they weren't close.... yet. Saija was Brianna's ex husbands current girlfriend. Yes, you can read that again if you need too. Their love for the arts was the one thing they had in common, other than the children. When paths crossed in a discussion about vendor events, they loaded up to sell their art work together. From there it is history and for many years now they have been inseparable. From art, books, coffee, and more they have formed a bond that in undeniable. This duo works hard for what they love and holds their friendship close. Come by and meet them, don't worry we think they are weird too.

P.S. If you wanna know how AWESOME their minds are.. check out their blogs. Don't say we didn't warn you about their weirdness. Have fun friends! Oh, and feedback is greatly appreciated